Me Too

In Sunday school
Lot’s wife stood
in the corner.
We mistook her
for Arthur’s Guinevere.

Guinevere turned
to face love
and was accused
of adultery and sorcery.
Tried and convicted
by her husband Arthur
she was sentenced
to the pyre.

Ado’s fate proved
Yahweh leaves
the salt of the earth
behind and
forsakes them.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney


Ado is one of the names ascribed to Lot’s wife. She is also called Edith.

I really do not know how this poem came together. I started with Lot’s wife. She shows up periodically in my poems. I thought of her as a pillar of salt. White salt. And that linked in my head to Guinevere, who is known as the White Lady, White Enchantress, White Faerie, or White Ghost. And I thought of how they both got punished for love. Guinevere’s love of Lancelot instead of her politically arranged husband Arthur Rex. Ado in looking back for her daughters to see if they made it out of Sodom before its destruction. Harsh punishments for being very human.

Happy New Year festivities to you all. If you drink tonight, please do not drive. No tragedies please. I am at a point in my life where I leave this kind of celebrating to younger folks.

The calendar year is concluded with the stroke of midnight. Since my laptop counts files really well, I know that I wrote 842 poems to be able to present on this blog a worthy poem per day. I trust you found the poems worthy—at least the ones whose subjects caught your interest.

842 is a large number of poems written in one year. My writing muscles are strengthened but weary. The practice does not allow for waiting for inspiration. So six days a week, I would write 3 or 4 poems per day. I found the key is writing without editing or judging. Trust what the logical and inspirational brain push out onto the page. If a creative spark occurred in any manner fan it to flame if possible. Tighten the poem up editing over the next week or two. The good thing about this process is I still feel, after more than a year, fresh for writing.

One of the things I notice is that I cover the same ground as earlier poems from time to time. I guess the subconscious wants those themes explored deeper. Or maybe it is the joy of entertaining a favorite memory.

For 2020 I wish for each of you PRODUCTIVITY. My experience is I am happy and content if I am productive in my pursuits. Set your goals and one step at a time advance toward them, keeping in mind all progress is two steps forward, one backward.

Love & Light. Tree & Leaf.


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