Tether held.
A field of farewells below.

My heart stopped.
The Beyond visible.
And the tethers hold.

A recess from pain.
A finger wag to worms.
A curt slap on crow beaks.

Arteries same as veins.
Oxygen exchange closed.

The Beyond nears.
Earth brown. Tree green.
A winged messenger.

The river.
A river of time white from memory.
A dissembling.

No retrograde.
The Beyond so familiar.

New assignments for each.
New tethers.

copyright © 2020 Kenneth P. Gurney


A realization that sticks with me is that when a person dies, the atoms that form the person’s body do not die. They simply transfer to a different part of nature. Even in cremation the molecules may change due to the heat and flame, but the atoms do not alter.

One of my pet thoughts is that the soul resides in the weak and strong forces at the atomic level. And the soul is released when the bonds that hold our molecules and atoms as a bodily structure go away. This is just a thought. An intellectual curiosity. I suppose theologians would fervently argue against this notion.

The thought has ramifications for those mummies found in Egypt and other dry places. If the body never disassembles, the soul is never released. Thus we have ghosts.

Since I attended University in the 1970s, I have viewed religion as a social club that attempts to answer the unanswerable. And provide guidelines for living a moral life. Nothing wrong with that and much that is good. I do not care for those actions of some religious people where they intellectually moved a belief into a truth for themselves and then insist everyone believe like they do. Nor do I care for religious folk who propose violence as a means to an end. I am regularly amazed at all the people who claim to be brave, but are not brave enough to allow others to have differing, peaceful beliefs.

I am content not knowing the answer of what happens after death (Beyond). I will learn shortly after death takes place. What an adventure. I think it is important to be open to God’s truth, instead of constructing a possible-truth which predisposes the person to seeing only part of the whole.

Weighty thoughts for so early in the day.

Love & Light.


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