I feel the pain, marrow deep.

The loss

of Kobe

does not compare to Dachau
but the negative


blocks my way forward
as I determine
how to navigate
this new void.

My tattered emotions
provide purchase
for others to grasp onto
as we congregate
to pool our grief
into unmoored
twenty-four second violations
when the only dribble
our hands control
are the tears
our palms crush
against our cheeks.

copyright © 2020 Kenneth P. Gurney


The loss of Kobe Bryant was tragic and I felt sadness, grief and loss for a few days. My visit to Dachau haunts me.

I tussled with leaving Dachau in the poem. I cannot make up my mind if the comparison is a case of apples and oranges. Or if Dachau is too jarring, thus takes the reader too far away. In the end, when I read the poem, my gut says leave Dachau in or the poem is incomplete.

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