A Day Later I Wrote

I saw your coffee was too hot to drink.
Death cooled your love of the black bean.
How odd to pass in a cafe.
Business was brisk.
The server with your breakfast burrito failed to notice.
Several people walked by unfazed.
A woman’s support dog sniffed the air and barked a lot.
Collectively, the cafe’s attention shifted.
A woman pointed and placed her other hand over her gaping mouth.
The assistant manager arrived.
Several people snapped photos and posted them to social media.
None of us knew the proper thing to do.
Some immediately fled uncomfortable in death’s proximity.
Some of us waited for authorities to arrive.
Some went on with their breakfast and left for work out of habit.
The support dog abandoned its woman.
It sat at your feet.

copyright © 2020 Kenneth P. Gurney

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