Without asking,
my computer makes a video of me
and sets a loop as my screen backdrop.

It displays my eyes darting about.
My fingers type an unfocused poem.
You believe I mouth, Mule Shoe.

You believe I play a murderer.
My eyes glow with a blue light.
The word Murderer repeats across the crawl.

In a rainstorm, on a muddy berm,
the loop portrays me killing
anonymous hyperactive men point blank.

My mouth fountains red blood.
A hole opens in my breast.
I fall backward and splatter mud onto the lens.

For another three seconds
raindrops hit the muddy lens and run.
The drops clear the lens a little.

Fade. The End appears white on black.
No credits scroll.
My personal history produced by Hardware.

copyright © 2020 Kenneth P. Gurney


The Mule Shoe is a portion of the battlefield at Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia. Link to Wikipedia page about the battle.

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