When I left Chicago
I spent part of the next year
driving the country to visit
as potential places to live.
I picked out of Places Rated.

I figured the right place
would feel like the right place,
my bones would stop aching
and a sense of peace
would settle upon me
as I settled into a new home.

I drove coast to coast.
Along the way I stopped
at many historic sites
for a blacktop education
of American history.
I evolved both spiritually
and physically.

I stopped for a few days
in: Concord, New Hampshire;
Asheville, North Carolina;
Memphis, Tennessee;
Wichita, Kansas;
Boulder, Colorado;
Carson City, Nevada;
Davis, California;
and many other places,
but failed to lodge
in a geography or society.

On my way back
to my starting point,
my car broke down
in Taos, New Mexico.
The Land of Entrapment
as the saying skews.
I merely continued
a long tradition of timely
auto incapacitation.

copyright © 2020 Kenneth P. Gurney

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