Won’t Roll Over Won’t Play Fetch

Covid nineteen
does not care about your social life,
your vacation plans,
your business’s bottom line.

It punches you in the breast bone
that causes a little cough
which signals the transformation
of your lungs into glass.

Maybe not tonight, but soon,
is when a slight wheeze
gives way to the hospital bed
with oxygen masks and monitors

to full intubation
so a machine can do
what your body took for granted
your entire life.

Covid nineteen knows
three percent of you die
as long as the hospitals
are under capacity

but that number
sky rockets to ten percent
once the hospitals suffer overflow
and lack of proper equipment.

Covid nineteen
does not give a damn about your faith.
Will happily infect all denominations
and the atheists too.

It separates and isolates you
from your loved ones.
Say what you gotta say today!
before it takes your breath away.

copyright © 2020 Kenneth P. Gurney

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