Late Night

Such a garish red.
Your interior mind.
Deceptions work deceptions.
A horizontal fall.
A bed soaked passage.
You brush your interrupted tongue.
You depart to the compass points.
A pattern of edges.
A storied composition.
A bright objection.

Altogether we smooth rough spots.
We detect desire’s divergence.
Strike the red paint like a tent.
An exuberant room.
A collapsed wreckage.
Aggressive tears turn hurt to anger.
Sweat beaded upon skin.
Unmovable dirty windows.
Our hungers compete.

A headless pillow.
A dripping faucet.
Midair water droplets.
Perfect circles float.
A breeze created by breath.
A jagged calm.
You reveal yourself.
Everything I need to know.

copyright © 2020 Kenneth P. Gurney

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