Cruising Underwater

Today I woke to the smell
of fresh baked muffins
and the remnants of a dream
where I lassoed an orca.

It is fourteen years
since I lived on Puget Sound,
where I never took
a whale watching boat.

I remember sitting
on the heights
above Clallam Bay
watching three whales circle.

This caused me to think
about all the whales
in the earth’s oceans
I have never seen.

Who, thusly, have
not seen me
running at various speeds
along the shore.

And now I think
of all the people
I never met
who walk the world.

I did not meet
everyone who lived
on the Olympic Peninsula
during my four years there.

In fact, I have not met
any of the people
who ride the bus
I ride to work.

We stare blankly into nothingness
so no eye contact takes place
so no awkward conversations
start up.

Oh! The muffins.
They are done cooling
and Dianne hands me two
straight out of the tin.

copyright © 2020 Kenneth P. Gurney

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