Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
and Paul vaguely remembers
the Frost poem
and other writings with the theme
Less Traveled.

He thinks of all his friends
who stood at the fork
unable to make
a directional decision
and got bumped and battered
by those behind
who knew their way
and were in a hurry
to get home or to a job
or other things they love.

Paul hides behind a tree.
A creature of the wood,
afraid of roads
that lead hither and yon.
Afraid of the travelers
he would meet
not knowing if they
were trustworthy
or brigands
until it was too late.

He will not leave the wood
for it is his paradise
and provides him
all he requires
even though
it is demanding work.
He guesses
it is the same
for the road’s travelers
and their chosen occupations.

He cannot imagine himself
as a tinker, a tailor
a soldier, or a spy.
Ah! Another literary reference
to spark his mind.
A firefly in dusk.

copyright © 2020 Kenneth P. Gurney

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