Alternating Phases Correspondent

Delphi’s dream
vibrates the room
off pattern forty-two point seven
Hertz oscillation
out of phase to the norm
like some Star Trek episode.
Danger! Do not wear
a red uniform.
Danger! This is not
a Freudian tunnel
that leads to some
long awaited wet dream.
It turns out to be
a microtubule
quantum state
fluctuating between
an incoherent superposition
and something
a bit more classical
like Timmy crying
Lassie come home!
But the dog
is not sequential
or discrete
and chews up
the most infinitesimal measure
of the Planck scale
so that there is no more
separation between
the first detection
of strong-gravity and
the repetitious swinging
of strings
into the deception
of spheres—
which might as well be
the C-Y-M-K dots
on a poster of Einstein
sticking out his tongue.

copyright © 2021 Kenneth P. Gurney

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