Addiction Recovery Substitution

Paul purchased and brought home
ten dictionary publishers
as a shop and compare project.

He created a spreadsheet
with column headings
of each dictionary.

Paul gave the Oxford English Dictionary
column B, since column A
was for each listed word.

Otherwise, check boxes filled
the spreadsheet cells
and checked to denote a present word.

Paul remained unsure
what to do with names like Clara Barton
who had small biographical sketches.

The same issue arose with idioms.
Indecision hurt his head
and he nearly fell off the wagon.

By the time Paul completed the G’s
last year’s resolution bumped into
the new year’s dictionary editions.

New word meanings were added like Sapiosexual.
And old words like Aerodrome
vanished to be forgotten as English evolved.

copyright © 2021 Kenneth P. Gurney

One thought on “Addiction Recovery Substitution

  1. Like Paul, I almost fall off the wagon with all these new words. This morning I had to look up “cancel culture.”


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