Amethyst Irises

Dora was not born like the rest of us.
She sprang from the thought
of the One Tree.
The solution to a cypher.

Not a hybrid of two species
but something new
and complex
sung from a creation hymn.

This was after the seven days
and many years
gone by in a wink
of God’s eye.

Outside evolution really.
A creature placed
into bone and flesh
as a new design.

I say it was the wiring.
Her brain. Its connectivity
to the heart
to understand emotion

the chemical escapades
that invest survival
and appear

She has the quality
Rain Queen
for a desert people
busy with I … I … I … I … I.

Some days I see her
as a star-shine bridge
all rainbow
and ominously Norse.

Speaking with others
we cannot agree
upon her appearance
as different eyes

give her different attributes.
For me her hair never grows
long enough
for braids.

copyright © 2021 Kenneth P. Gurney

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