Love Hate Ambivalence Decisiveness

Angela designed a new deck of cards.
She kept the four suit structure but altered the suits.

She used the CYMK color process to create the cards
so there were more than two colors on white paper.

She used Royal Blue, Forest Green, Blood Red
and Golden Rod for yellow.

She used Helvetica characters
along with newly designed geometric figures.

When you drew the Six of Hate
it was spelled out in a bold blood red color.

An ace remained an ace
but the king was now a president

queen a first spouse and the Jack
alternated with Jill to form a linage card.

Angela kept the fifty-two card format.
She enjoyed that triskaidekaphobic people

played poker blackjack and gin rummy
with thirteen cards in each suit.

copyright © 2021 Kenneth P. Gurney

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