Large Tall Tale

At the Goodwill store
I found the shelves empty
of its namesake item.

There were plenty of spoons
knives, forks, coffee cups,
shirts, sweaters and shoes.

I pictured the antebellum south
and wondered if period resale shops
had old slaves that owners tired of.

Since I stood so long in thought
a store clerk came over
to determine if I was daft or a thief.

She pointed out white porcelain
salt and pepper shakers
with bible verses printed on them.

I asked if they had a black set
with gold lettering
in the stock room.

She blurted Smart ass
then covered her mouth with her hand
and fled back to the register.

I should have left the store immediately
but lingered going through wool sweaters
as if they possibly had my size.

copyright © 2021 Kenneth P. Gurney

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