After A Worrying Four A. M. Call

Your shadow
hung outside my window.

You were away
at the convenience store
purchasing cigarettes.

Your shadow
trusted you to return for it.

While at the register
you experienced
masked men and guns.

Your shadow
hummed nervously at the delay.

You complied
with all their requests.
Handed over everything but your affection.

Your shadow
felt you open a whiskey bottle.

The convenience store clerk
handed out one three ounce bottle
to everyone who experienced the robbery.

Your shadow
sat down on my front steps.

You congratulated yourself
for not doing anything stupid
even though your heart raced.

Your shadow
saw you turn into my yard.

You embraced your shadow
and hugged it into permanence
upon your body.

copyright © 2021 Kenneth P. Gurney

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