While watching a documentary
about peeling an orange
and holding his own unpeeled orange
Paul felt a kick from a seed
like his hand was on Dora’s belly
the last time she was pregnant.

He felt several kicks
but could not determine
if it was one seed kicking
or many.

In the documentary
the host recommended
feeding the orange to a whale
so the fruit’s acid
combined with saltwater
might dissolve
the plastics ingested
by seaborne mammals.

Paul set his knife down
due to its plastic handle
now feeling minor-guilt
for being wasteful
and thoughtless
especially with plastic grocery bags.

The orange seed kicked again.

Paul was not sure what to do.
He teased his way through a thought
to locate through social media
an agriculturalist in Florida
and express mail the orange
with instructions for the orange
and orange seeds future.

copyright © 2021 Kenneth P. Gurney

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