Three Years

With the arrival of 1 Dec 2021 (today) I completed 3 years of posting a poem per day. That was the commitment I made, prompted by my misreading a note from my sister about successful blogs.

Thank you for the time you spent with my poems—whether you were an early follower or just joined recently. The idea that 498 people per day read my poetry is very gratifying. To those of you who chose to click “like” when you liked a poem, I appreciate it. The “likes” give me an idea of which poems resonate with other people.

Posting one poem a day for three years turned out to be easier than I thought it would be. I made it a priority and allotted an hour a day to writing. Six days a week I wrote poems and the seventh day I edited what I wrote during the week. The system worked well. I am fortunate enough that once a week Dianne loves to relax and hear me read pieces aloud for the first time, which becomes part of the editing process.

I intend to continue to post poems regularly, but expect a missed day here and there when the creativity-well goes dry and needs time to refill.

Love & Light. Love & Unite. Tree & Leaf. All the Sleeping Bees.


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