Seeing Answers Only In Looking Back

Paul gave no explanation
for his sour face
or why the tide
avoided his bare feet
as it rushed past.

I could tell he readied himself
to leave this life he knew so well.
To remove himself from our town
and place himself in a new town
where all things were slightly different
even the common language.

Not like he heard the eternal voice of god
make some pronouncement
about anchorages and moorings.
But he did hear his inner voice
moving away from our shared community.

I said I understood and anticipated
such an action by him
due to his behavior this past year.
That was a lie, but a white one
so he would not see my hurt
at what I knew his heart told him to do.

He never did explain his sour face
or the ocean’s refusal to touch him
but this type of wonder
often precedes major arrivals
or departures.

copyright © 2021 Kenneth P. Gurney

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