My Mess

Douglas stands on an address book.
Javi on a backup drive.

Telehealth guidelines and procedures
are spread on table top

like newspaper
at the bottom of a parakeet cage.

There are rules for black powder weapons
in this house, this poetarium.

There are rules to establish order
in five hundred civil war books.

The Lord’s Prayer.
There is no spoon.

Bulletinboard material
like business cards

and certifications of appreciation
for long term donors.

Poems stored in manuscript boxes
marked by year

litter the floor and shelves
along with three-ring binders

waiting their turn
to be full again.

copyright © 2022 Kenneth P. Gurney


Douglas is a toy stuffed animal elk.

Javi is a toy stuffed animal javelina.

A poetarium is a artist studio for poets.

In this case The Lord’s Prayer is a poem by Tani Arness

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