Cause to Combine

Paul put the worst behind him.
The worst sped up to get in front.

He did not know what to do
about something that did not know its place.

He authored an opinion piece
for the local newspaper about this subject.

Readers thought he used metaphor
attempting to mask racial prejudice.

Paul took himself to his bio-mechanic
to receive a full computer diagnostic

to determine if he was blind
to his own prejudice.

In the mean time, the worst
set up a roadblock on Paul’s time line.

During one of those periods
when time went very fast for Paul

he ran into the worst
while approaching the speed of sound.

The impact warped Paul’s eyes and body.
It nearly broke his eyes and body.

He rebounded from the impact
and fell on his ass.

His body and eyes regained
their original shapes.

copyright © 2022 Kenneth P. Gurney


A few weeks ago my latest book Always Just a Little Bit Not Yet was published. It is a best of 2021 poems posted to this blog during that year. If you enjoy my poetry and wish to support my effort (help cover the blog expenses), please order a copy. Always Just a Little Bit Not Yet is available on Amazon.

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