Latent Glow Spots the Wall

Darkness surrounded Paul.
He pierced it with a flashlight.

He turned the flashlight off.
The hole remained in the darkness.

Paul’s hand was frozen
as if the flashlight was stuck in a hole.

He let go of the flashlight.
It did not fall.

It remained in a glow
emanating from the hole.

Paul tried digging the darkness
away from the flashlight.

The darkness was quite firm
and did not yield to Paul’s hands.

Paul gave up on a midnight snack
and went back to bed

without the flashlight
that hovered three feet

above the living room carpet.
He slept soundlessly.

He woke to a clunk.
The flashlight laid on the carpet.

Paul picked up the flashlight
and pressed the switch.

Nothing. The batteries
appeared to be drained.

copyright © 2022 Kenneth P. Gurney

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