One Ten Over Sixty-Five

Paul made sure he treated people well
every where
not just in public.

He forgot a promise.
Pieces of the world lost themselves
like a jigsaw puzzle purchased at Goodwill.

Paul found it safest to live in his head
but more rewarding
to risk the real world for an hour each day.

He was proud he took no pills
other than two aspirin
for the occasional headache.

Paul found the library
to be too loud with the sound
of computer keys under manic fingers.

He found himself hoping
the Greenland ice shelf would fall off all at once
so he might view the sea rise.

Paul paid for landscapers
to alter his back yard
so colorful butterflies would come to him.

He stayed away from Walgreens
and the free blood pressure cuff
afraid it would not let him go.

copyright © 2022 Kenneth P. Gurney

One thought on “One Ten Over Sixty-Five

  1. I can feel what is unsaid more than what is said…namely, your grappling with the betrayals of the physical body. And I completely understand this.


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