Paul decides to walk to the ends of the Earth.

He understands he lives on a sphere
and, technically, there is no end to the walking.

He departs on this adventure anyway.

After walking through every type of landscape
traversable by human feet
he comes to a stopping point.

At first it appears to be a red circle
that is slightly domed.

A red button.

It is in a location that feels like the ends of the Earth
but does no look so, being a grassy field.

He stands on the slight red dome and looks around.

There are growing grasses
belt high in every observable direction
that bob in a slight breeze
then he gets dizzy. Very dizzy.

The world flickers by in snapshot images
of all the sites he’s seen in his travels
and the many people he met.

He reals from nausea worried he is going to retch.
His ears fill with the high pitched whine of insect wings.

When the dizziness and nausea clears
Paul stands on his doorstep where he started.

copyright © 2022 Kenneth P. Gurney

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