Middle Class Falling

Paul never touched starved homeless people
even as their numbers increased.

He did help remove frozen homeless
from the neighborhood park where children played.

Paul proposed to the city council a fund be created
to provide the homeless cannabinoids so they could relax.

He went to resale shops and purchased old clothes
to donate to the homeless just before the first frost.

Paul sewed up any rips in the clothes
with golden thread stolen from a medieval pope’s robe.

He kept sandwiches in waxed paper in his car
to hand out to traffic-light sign-holders.

Paul wrote the word Manna on the wax paper
with a fine print disclaimer it was not sent from heaven.

He donated money to the food bank instead of the homeless shelter
on the mistaken belief one fed the other.

Paul wondered how the current severe drought
affected the soup kitchen’s production line.

copyright © 2022 Kenneth P. Gurney

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