Couplet Observations

Blessed are ice cream sandwiches in summer.
And lavender fanny packs on joggers.

A warehouse stores a half-million pink pussyhats
produced by a manufacturer who entered the market late.

What used to be growing pains
are now social media documented adolescent disasters.

To improve your health spread almond butter
with marshmallow fluff instead of peanut butter on white bread.

A depressed reporter makes ten-worst lists
to counteract every new year ten-best list.

A Florida school student is simultaneously instructed
to read current events and not discuss anything LGBTQ.

No superhero has a successful romantic relationship.
This is the true downside of their super powers.

There is no bell curve to online customer surveys.
Average ceased to exist.

It is the same in politics as party extremists
invert the classic graph for their own pleasure in Nihilism.

Blessed are the middle of the road.
Silent majority please make some colorful noise.

copyright © 2023 Kenneth P. Gurney

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