Winding Road of Conspiracy Logic

God is in a Twinkie
in its nineteen thirty wrapper
and still has plenty of spring
in his spongy cake.

Each time I confess
I eat two God parts
from before Twinkie production
was suspended in twenty-twelve.

The resumption of Twinkie production
after several months in twenty-thirteen
causes me to suspect
they are fake God parts.

I am pleased to read that niacin
is one of the ingredients
that composes God’s
golden body and white creaminess

combined with wheat flour
corn syrup and corn starch
agriculturally raised
and sanctioned by Maris.

Maris was absorbed into Saturn
when the Romans conquered the Etruscans.
Every December during the Saturnalia
it looks a lot like Christmas.

copyright © 2023 Kenneth P. Gurney

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