Storm Theory

Every time it rained cats and dogs
the storm clouds left out a few breeds
as if there was a contract
designating days off for Dachshunds
Cornish Rexes and so on.

Lori was particularly worried
she would be walking Faith, her chow-shepherd mix
when some cloud would come along
and take her dog up into the sky
just so it could fall elsewhere.
Then there would be doggy return fees
for shipping and handling.

Since she was pretty sure Tuesday
was the designated day off for chow-shepherd mixes
she took extra long walks
past all manner of gardens and meadows
and forests at the edge of town.

The one time a cloud did whisk up Faith
it seemed an eternity before the phone rang to inform Lori
Faith fell on Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade
and a nice couple would take good care of her
until Lori could make the drive to Coolidge Corner.

copyright © 2023 Kenneth P. Gurney

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