Kings Canyon

When Annie discovered heaven
was harps and angelic choirs
without baseball or dogs
she changed her religion
to one focused on reincarnation.

She treated pastors
like used car salesmen
trying to get her to purchase
a pretty junker
she knew she did not want.

She always liked the Sunday bells
that called everyone together—
community over congregation
and the disturbed admonitions
of the black-robed men.

Summer pilgrimages
took her to national parks
where she turned Baptist
and immersed herself
in natural beauty.

copyright © 2023 Kenneth P. Gurney

2 thoughts on “Kings Canyon

  1. This poem is such a beautiful journey of self-discovery through faith and natural beauty. The use of vivid imagery truly elevated the reading experience. I am left wondering, how did the protagonist’s change in religion connect with her love for natural beauty? Was this a driving factor in her decision?

    mr waxixe


    1. My goal was to show that Annie’s love of nature was her religion. That is what fulfills her and allows that connection to the eternal. I may have missed the mark by using Baptist with a capital “B” in conjunction with the word “immerse”.


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