Lori swept up the confetti on the steps
to her second floor flat.

The wind liked to swirl the confetti
just before it reached the dust pan.

Lori lost the contest of wills.

To celebrate, the wind lifted the confetti into the air
and suspended it as a multi-color fog.

A dog with a white muzzle emerged from the fog.

It had been locked in the confetti
when its magazine photo was cross-shredded.

The dog walked up to Lori
and dropped a bone at her feet.

The bone was ransom-note lettered.

The dog sat quietly while Lori read
You are my person. Love me.

Lori saw through the dog in places
where its foggy structure had not yet solidified.

The dog’s color changed as his composition self-edited.

Lori went upstairs and retrieved a piece of bacon
left over from breakfast.

She offered the bacon to the dog.
The dog took it and trotted into the confetti fog.

copyright © 2023 Kenneth P. Gurney


Read about Dogs in Space. (Tsygan was a Russian space dog.)

2nd article: Dezik and Tsygan in Space.

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