Loving You

Loving you means walking your wooly mammoth each morning.
It means wearing matching sports logo scarves.
It means planting milkweed.

Loving you means stirring river sediment to release bubbles that contain snippets of Diné poetry.
It means painting multiracial portraits of god.
It means removing all the fools gold from the planet.

Loving you means constructing a life sized drag queen Jesus crucifix, halo at a jaunty tilt above a beehive wig.
It means leaving the dandelions alone no matter the neighbors’ complaints.
It means searching the farmers market for green eggs to eat with ham.

Loving you means finding what is consequential in every poetry book.
It means making guacamole at home.
It means a five minute rain dance every dry morning.

copyright © 2023 Kenneth P. Gurney

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