That Is Enough

Three decades have passed
since we eulogized my father
in the First Congregational Church.

The largest test of manhood I ever took
was to gracefully appreciate
all the good things others related to me

while I was silently relieved
he was gone from human form
and unmet father-son relations.

I grew up alright without ever
going hunting, fishing
or to a ball game with my father.

It was a less muscular manhood
I learned reading books
and bicycling long distances.

His version of Cowboy-up was not going to the ER
the day basketball mangled my right ankle.
We waited two days for a regular doctor appointment

as the breaks and ligament tears
painfully protested the lack of attention
by turning colors and swelling to great size.

I guess that did obliquely prepare me
for the rigors of adulthood
since hope and success are both painful.

I learned on my own to be the author
of definitions of the terms
and to judge my effort’s results.

copyright © 2021 Kenneth P. Gurney

Long As It Takes

This poem’s purpose is to heal you.
It is antiseptic and an antiviral.

It will kill all that festering shit
that constantly loops through your brain.

It will kill all those circulating internet memes
that numb your heart.

This poem reminds you of your value.
This poem rebuilds your self-esteem.

This poem supplies words
when you require them.

This poem remains hushed
when silence is what you need.

It exposes all your flaws and fractures
so you may see your truth.

It reminds you and your body
there is no deadline for getting adulthood right.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney