Bubbles Popping Out of the Ooze

Karma sat down
on Saturn’s rings
and watched earth
from afar.

Too many religions
inside religions
further inside religions
deeper inside religions.

A multitude of centers
to the universe.
Contorted selfishness
circus-mirrored self-reflections.

The tooth faerie was unsure
how much change to leave
under pillows
depressed by sleeping heads.

Ancient DNA revival.
Arctic melt methane release.
Choppy seas chopping up
coastal city shorelines.

American eagle
now portrayed with two heads
split apart
gone in different directions.

A porcelain white witch’s caldron
brewed some crude liquor.
We added juniper berries
to the gloop.

copyright © 2021 Kenneth P. Gurney

Sake Of Old Reckonings

It was not that Paul
wanted blue and red
to join to form purple
in America

but he prayed
that they did not become
the green and orange
of the Irish Troubles.

He wondered
if thirty years
is standard
for such disagreements

before people
become tired enough
of the bloodshed
to let go of their animosities

and practice
a generous variation
of any one of the religions
they profess to live by.

Paul searched
the calendar for a day
as auspicious as Good Friday
for an agreement

an accord to at least
listen when the other side
speaks their concerns
about their futures.

copyright © 2021 Kenneth P. Gurney