Golden Aspen Leaf Floats On A Placid Lake

Monet was on his way to see me.
I know he was out of time.
His place in time.

No one recognized Claude at my cafe.
He commented on the poor coffee.
He delighted in chocolate cake.

It was his first trip to the American Rockies.
We discussed a lake outing.
Cobalt blue at high altitude.

He worried about carrying
his materials, pastels, paints
and easel the five miles of ascending trail.

I told him I had arranged for llamas
to carry his supplies
and our camping gear.

Claude asked if Picasso had contacted me yet.
He knew Pablo wanted to be first.
But was away on safari with Papa.

copyright © 2020 Kenneth P. Gurney


Unappealing art
smacks the witness
like a subpoena to testify
in a court case
that proves
the petty injustices
of modern life:
failing landfills,
opioid junky flophouses,
schoolyard bullying,
and the old guard’s
sense of privileged

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney


I wish the USA supported art in all its forms more than it does. Vastly more. Even bad art makes a statement. I should not say bad art, because art sometimes is meant to poke you in the eye, to make your skin crawl.

There is a popular type of art my university friends and myself labeled “Hallmark Art”. It was happy, easy art designed for a Hallmark greeting card. It was meant to put the viewer at easy. It was the beer and pizza of art.

Over time I came to realize it has its time and place too and should not be put down.

Art is often used to lift the social conscious. To expand the viewer’s experience.

I would much prefer troubled people to express themselves through art, than through a gun in a robbery or an overdose of a drug habit. This includes the large number of alcoholics, who turn a car into a lethal weapon.

If each hurting person could express their pain and society listened and then acted to fix systemic problems that would be a good thing.

Love & Light