Home Improvements

Dora starts to change the world,
then learns a permit is required
from a global authority.

No one is quite sure which authority
is in charge of climate,
which is in charge of human rights,
which is in charge of economic inequity.

The UN is no help.
The State Department is no help, either.
The corner gas station attendant is pretty sure
Dora should meet with a guy named Eddie,
who works in the Chicago suburb of Glen Ellyn, Illinois,
in a third floor office above the bank
at the intersection of Crescent and Main.

Dora searches for him on the internet.
She searches for him in the better business bureau.
She walks down the street from the bus stop
and up the stairs to his office.

She opens a door with Revolution on it
in large white Helvetica lettering with drop shadows.

Eddie happens to be in.
He always happens to be in
when someone enters his office.

Dora notices she cannot get a fix on Eddie.
He appears to be from everywhere and everywhere-else:
it all depends on your point view.

The permit is a simple form to be filled out in triplicate.
It takes almost no time at all.
Eddie places the completed form
in his notary stamp and squeezes.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney

Climate Change Sonnet

Shadows ghost the cathedral walls.
Dove patterns. Elevated martyr patterns
surround bone fragment reliquaries.
Prayers scrape teeth and lips encrusted by fright feathers.

The fallen’s footsteps solidify white candles,
print post-Revelations prophetic verses,
fill the baptismal font,
fill the eucharist plate and cup.

The congregation’s emotional scars
glow cardinal red as the sensor swings
holy smoke. Forest smoke
still darkens the saintly leaded glass pictographs.

Houseless foundations shout Winter emergency,
flail words toward the keyhole of deniers ears.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney