Emoji Parade

A swallow collapsed mid flight.
Its autopilot landed it safely on a branch.

The day I thought fire rained from the sky
it was snow caught in the sunset beyond the clouds.

The dead apple tree becomes a host to animals
that prefer to eat old rot over crisp promise.

In the emoji parade I was the eggplant.
It did nothing to improve my dating status.

All the protests I birthed in thought but never made
visit my deathbed and ask Why not?

The swallow recovered itself, but walked home.
The neighborhood cat thought it a trap.

copyright © 2021 Kenneth P. Gurney

Government Overreach

I am told it is now a crime
to add sassafras instead of dill
to pickle brine.

I was surprised such a thing
had been legislated,
though I think it is a local ordnance
and your radical cooking tendencies
are safe in the next county over.

I like to think this was passed
after the bottle was passed
after the cork fell and rolled under the table
to a spot no one could reach
without getting on hands and knees.

I doubt I will ever vote again
for a chef with political aspirations,
no matter how many recipes
his cookbook has for eggplant.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney