Paul Juggled Halal and Kosher

He examined them for differences
as they spun through the air before his face.

Part of his kitchen trick was to then insert
keto and vegan into the rotating circle.

It is not like his hands could tell his tongue
the differences in spiritual weight

or if God actually infused such meanings
into the preparation of food.

It is hard to say what conditions took place
to form these popular movements when they took hold.

He wondered if each word represented
a form of monetary interest garnered by the founders.

Preparing food to fit a prescribed set of limitations
felt like prayer to his hands

as he added a little turmeric and saffron
to the olive oil in the heating pan.

copyright © 2022 Kenneth P. Gurney


A butcher’s
deft hand
the type of meat
the knife cuts
from the resistance
of the flesh
to the blade.

In high school
biology class
I butchered the frog
we dissected
and mangled
some of the organs
to be observed
and instantly
crossed Meat
off my potential
career list.

At the grocery
I spend extra money
to purchase
chicken parts
instead of
a whole fryer
and rationalize
my unwillingness
to gain skill
with a knife
as producing
less food waste.

copyright © 2021 Kenneth P. Gurney