Asked Out On A Date

I will give you one hundred dollars.
There are no strings attached.
There are no loose threads.
There is a federal monetary security thread.

You do not get a choice of denomination.
I will give you one hundred one dollar bills.
Each bill is defaced with a ball point pen’s ink.
A single line of free verse poetry.

You may create your own poem
by placing the bills in a new order.
You may create thirty-three haiku
if you are not picky about syllable count.

But you must read a poem
each time you count out the dollar bills
to pay for a fast food lunch
or a small purchase at the corner store.

There you would be reciting poetry in public
to the astonishment of the listeners.
You might suffer some blow back and cat calls.
You might get asked out on a date.

copyright © 2020 Kenneth P. Gurney