Wall Mounted Heat Pump Pigeon Roost

Lori’s two bedroom apartment
belongs to her since she owns the building.

It is fully furnished
with a cherry wood dining table

that never seats six
let alone eight with the extension.

Each Friday she purchases
a half dozen bagels.

She places lox on the bagels
with a smear of cream cheese.

Her bedroom is right out of a style magazine
that specializes in wood furniture.

Monday nights she hears the poetry
at the cafe’s open mic

from her bed above the performance.
She listens until the slam winner is announced.

Her other bedroom is two large screens
attached to mega-computers

and three bookcases of technical manuals
trouble shooting and coding books.

She secretly owns half the houses on the block
unaware she is the feared gentrifier.

copyright © 2023 Kenneth P. Gurney

People Involved

The bulldozer
crushes our old victorian.
It clears the way
for someone’s new home.

Those folks have
what we do not possess—
money enough
to pay the bills.

The brutal backside
of their bright dream
splinters lathed walls
and removes

When the trees
they plant in this yard
take full root,
no one will ever know
we were once here,
unless they peer
into the historic
photo book
they absently place
on the coffee table.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney