Field Mice Join Us During the Drought

All the hamsters coupled up.
A population explosion ensued.

See them gnaw on radishes.
See their halos tipped just a little to the right.

There are no fights yet due to scarcity.
We can afford to keep food plentiful

for another generation or two
if we never compost leafy greens.

The hamsters take turns at the water bottle.
Refilling it twice a day instead of once is doable.

Maybe we can extend the Habitrail
so one tube sticks out the old dryer vent

into the side yard where we let the grass
grow tall and go to seed?

copyright © 2021 Kenneth P. Gurney


One chamber of my heart
nests three of four hamsters
where they rest in a furry ball
with pink noses sticking out.

The second chamber
holds the wheel
where the on-duty hamster
runs to keep the power on.

A third chamber
acts as a pantry to store
greens and seeds
the hamsters enjoy.

The fourth has a nozzle
that leads back to a hollow rib
that I refill daily
with fresh water.

copyright © 2021 Kenneth P. Gurney