Protesters Silently Walked By

God hung out
on the empty streets
of a pandemic city
curbside, by a brewpub
no longer hosting
poetry on Monday nights.

God scrounged
the sidewalk
for dropped words
and sentence fragments
to wrap in Zig-Zags
and light up.

God wore a red cap
with a grey wolf logo
and searched
the sad eyes
of homeless girls
who shared
the trafficked fate
of poverty.

God watched
the protesters
employ their right
to peaceful assembly
and march,
letting their homemade signs
give voice
to their outrage
and collective
sense of humanity.

God missed
the clickity-clack
of the skateboard
sidewalk surfers
on their way
through downtown,
who saved
sofa cushion findings
to purchase
Thrasher Tees
or new aluminum

copyright © 2020 Kenneth P. Gurney


We are in the sixth mass extinction event.
We started it, so no whining.

The last whales died and await the taxidermist.
The economy dictated footnotes.

Plastic micro particles had nothing to do with it.
Nor did George Washington’s wooden teeth.

The victors write the histories.
Naked mole rats line up to learn the alphabet.

All of this because humanity does not
play well with others.

It was that biblical editorial mistake
that placed us above plants and animals.

Fossil fuels consumption
could have been recognized as foreshadowing.

copyright © 2020 Kenneth P. Gurney