Car Beeps as He Touches the Door Handle

Paul orders scotch neat.
The cocktail waitress returns
with scotch on the rocks.

Because she is an attractive cocktail waitress
and Paul does not like causing a fuss
he fishes out the ice with his fingers.

He is not sure if he is in this club
to view the strippers for inspiration
flirt with the cocktail waitress for inspiration

listen to adjacent conversations for inspiration
drink large quantities of scotch for inspiration
or realize inspiration lives in the desert

with a night full of stars above it
and the risk of cactus spines
at ground level.

The fished-out ice cubes melt on his small table
into a small puddle the cocktail waitress
will have to wipe up.

Paul decides to skip his Thursday
inspiration search and go home
to sleep away his lethargy.

On his way to his car
an urban bobcat prowls the club’s parking lot
and passes within ten feet of him.

copyright © 2022 Kenneth P. Gurney