My halo turned out to be a mirror.
It reflected sun and moonlight.
It reflected rich green grass
and you reclining at my feet.

This realization that my halo
glowed from without instead of within
caused me to doubt
an inner light.

My doubt dimmed my halo,
fogged the mirror.
My doubt shuttered my mental agility.
My doubt remitted my saintliness.

copyright © 2020 Kenneth P. Gurney


After much debate
with myself,

I decided to shine my inner light
out into the world.

I had too few lumens
to cast the faintest shadow.

Under the sun,
I made no difference at all.

Only during storms
did I mark paths for short distances.

For you to see
my inner light’s outward shine

our encounter
must be close enough

for my listening ears
to provide a beacon.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney