Space For Failure

Paul uncovers himself
for the purpose of reproduction.

This is a self portrait
not yet themed in red or blue.

Look at the pinched aspect of his face.
How clean his fingernails are!

See the flush of his skin.
(His hormones shut down his logic center.)

This is a teaching moment.
This is a learning moment.

The lesson is whether either partner will speak up
and state what they really want tonight.

To trust words and discussion
over subtle body cues.

To grasp if intimate talk about desires
deepens or destroys the mood.

Paul fears that routine
becomes a comfortable set of chains.

He wishes experimentation without the expectation
of getting it all right on the first try.

copyright © 2020 Kenneth P. Gurney

Love Constructed

Love is constructed of the affable sense of infinity.
Of egos on a diet.
Of opposites coming together and fitting like puzzle pieces.
Of the five distinct qualities the tongue tastes.
Of some mystery scent of the olfactory process.
Of songs less than twenty years old.
Of singing those young songs in unison.
Of snakes and tree fruit and how they both rattle the world.
Of sonnets quoted from memory.
Of cresting the continental divide.
Of the new territory to be explored called intimacy.
Of moms’ gun sense in America.
Of dads’ medal-of-honor sense in the world at large.
Of a fast approaching deadline.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney