Lip greedy.
Steeling kisses.

A thousand slaps
in the face.

Consequence batter.
No wound to salt.

Walk away simple.
Never pursued.

Not once.
Until today.

Police encounter.
Disbelief stunned.

Not an electric gun.
Accountability shock.

No tantrum.
No guttural curses.

Official processing.

Lighter wallet.

Colonel bucket stop.
Not home on time.

Football game.
Monday night.

copyright © 2021 Kenneth P. Gurney

Albuquerque Blizzard

It never showed up.
Went for the familiarity of South Dakota.
The Black Hills smothered white.

We got a dusting.
Hollywood surrealism
of coke on a mirrored landscape.

It melted off by noon.

The power went out in part of the city
when a squirrel ended its rodent life
with transformer pyrotechnics.

The sky remained sunny
until the summer
monsoon season.

The power was back on for Monday Night Football.

TV news did not cover
those blanketed folks in South Dakota.
I prayed their electricity stayed on

and no one died
due to lack of dialysis
or other medical procedures.

copyright © 2021 Kenneth P. Gurney