I painted my enemies’ feet
my favorite shade of blue.
The blue harkened to the Celts and Scots of yore.
Pantone three-o-one-five-C.

This act earned me a swift kick.
Painting my enemies’ feet blue
was meant to immobilize them
so I could speak to them without fear.

I feared they would attack.
I feared they would run away.
I should have picked red.
Stop sign red.

My goal was to build a foundation of trust
so we could set down our weapons.
We had many weapons.
Every imaginable type of weapon.

We even turned tools into weapons.
I suggested we turn them back into tools.
They feared my fire was
part of a smoke and mirror scheme.

It was really passion, but they knew passion
mostly through their hatred.
I talked to them until they were blue in the face.
I mean, I took up all the oxygen in the room.

copyright © 2020 Kenneth P. Gurney

Since You Love Birds

The public rarely discusses
the multiplicity of white paint shades
nor their general apathy toward accuracy.

You should fear disappearing into a category
foisted upon you by the public
through social media and dark-web media.

It captures only sixty percent of who you are.
If that much. If half that much.
If it understands the perpendicular portions of you at all.

Yes, we call that a box, even though it is a category,
but any metaphor will do for speeding things along,
since speeding things along is the point of shortcuts.

How did we ever get to the point of knowing
the difference between an elm, oak or sycamore;
a deer, elk, or caribou?

You keep suggesting we use that gaudy white paint
on the outside of our stucco home.

I suggest Egret—Pantone 11-0103TPX—
even though it lacks that gaudy appeal you seek.

copyright © Kenneth P. Gurney 2019


We are about 3 and 1/2 months into this blog post per day adventure. So far so good. When I started, the blog had 13 followers. It is up to 51 followers. Nothing like the millions of followers in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s twitter account, but a good start all the same—this is mostly poetry after all.

When I was a professional picture framer and active artist, I had memorized all the Pantone color codes and names, and all the Crescent Mat Board colors. Just a knack I have when I work regularly with colorful visual items. There were a large number of whites and off-whites and near-whites.

Recently, when we were turning our garage into a better functioning art studio, the contractor asked us if we wanted sparkles placed into the sealer for the concrete. Neither of us could image sparkles or why anyone above the age of six would want a sparkly floor. The contractor had a salesmanship obligation to inform us of all possible item variations we could purchase, so I forgave him for bringing it up

Other news is the weather has warmed up enough for bicycling. I did my first limber up seven mile ride to the bookstore and back. Since it is early March and the temperatures have heated up, the juniper is pollinating furiously with pollen counts in the air increase 100 to 200 per day. Soon the pollen counts will be between 2000 & 3500 and I will be sneezing no matter that I take over the counter allergy pills.

Thank you followers for joining in on this poetry adventure. So far so good. Break an adverb!

Love & Light