The ultra patriotic
fix the steal
militia man
carries an AK-47
assault rifle
to the anti-
government rally
to prove
his love of country.

His backpack
is loaded to bear
with ten extra
ammo magazines
just in case
shows up
to try to stop
his right to
peacefully assemble
and protest.

His blue collar wallet
is ultra thin
from all the donations
to support
vote recounts
and purchase
MAGA swag
since the election
returns and failure
of Mike Pence
on January Sixth
to deliver
his desired victory.

copyright © 2022 Kenneth P. Gurney

No Soliciting

Our limp flag concedes
it is ready to be made into a dress.

I receive a letter from the capitol
apologizing that its members are gutted fish
ready for the fry pan.

Remind me why I am writing a script
about a spangled starfish
that curled its toes in the Potomac Tidal Basin
with a view of Jefferson.

A barrage of fireworks
fail to create new constellations
for the nation’s navigators to steer
the ship of state.

Opportunity brushed by
leaving a scar on my patriotic shirt sleeve
but no mark on my arm.

A bullet salesman rings the doorbell
wanting to show me the contents
of his samples case.

copyright © 2021 Kenneth P. Gurney