No Matter Where

Paul finds a way
to sneak into heaven
unrestrained by the Bible
or the Pearly Gates.

Paul’s sneaky way
steals from another mythos
and he crosses at Bifröst—
the burning rainbow bridge.

His entrance
is the one blind spot
in the all knowing Christian God’s

It turns out Heaven
always had many gates—
one for each of the world’s religions
and each religion’s sub-sects.

Paul did not sneak
but boldly crossed over
because there are no check points
at the boundary.

Imagine his swift walk up the mountain
through the ponderosa and aspens
and by clearing a ridge
he entered the Valley of Heaven.

All it takes to enter Heaven
is a longing for peace
and human belonging
and the path opens up before you.

copyright © 2022 Kenneth P. Gurney


A poem is not a biography.
A collection of poems is not a biography.

In the right hands a poem is a compass
that leads the holder to a worthy goal.

A poem may be a clam
with a pearl of wisdom inside.

A poem may taste
like curdled milk on the tongue.

Some poems are mere shadows
for all the light and darkness they carry.

One poem contained my father’s obituary
read aloud by my mother.

A poem may be so cold
your tongue sticks to it when spoken

and requires a stranger’s warm breath
to free you without injury.

Poems are the pearly gates
and if you have not written any in your life

the angelic being labeled Devil
welcomes you to poetry appreciation classes.

copyright © 2022 Kenneth P. Gurney