Not A Fairy Tale

Paul wrote a love story.
It was a hate story too.

Overall on the imagined scales of justice
love outweighed hate a hundred to one.

The problem was a linear story
weighs things at different times.

There was a plot point two-thirds of the way
through the story

that hate in the fictional wife’s mind
tipped the scale against her husband

on the day she learned
he had an affair with her sister.

Although both Leviticus and Deuteronomy
prescribe death for adulterers

the wife chose leaving
the house that was not a home anymore—

to not be a wife anymore
and to find another hand to hold her hand.

Being in her thirties she was not afraid
of dying of loneliness.

She packed her few things and left
on a great American road trip.

She discovered in her third hotel room
that she did not miss

the sound of manly feet on the floor at night
or picking up his socks from around the house.

The day she was in Taos New Mexico
she saw a triple rainbow against the mountains.

She declared it a sign.
A new life fell into place as if waiting for her.

The man who once was her husband
married the woman who remained her sister.

She did not attend the wedding.

copyright © 2021 Kenneth P. Gurney

Amethyst Irises

Dora was not born like the rest of us.
She sprang from the thought
of the One Tree.
The solution to a cypher.

Not a hybrid of two species
but something new
and complex
sung from a creation hymn.

This was after the seven days
and many years
gone by in a wink
of God’s eye.

Outside evolution really.
A creature placed
into bone and flesh
as a new design.

I say it was the wiring.
Her brain. Its connectivity
to the heart
to understand emotion

the chemical escapades
that invest survival
and appear

She has the quality
Rain Queen
for a desert people
busy with I … I … I … I … I.

Some days I see her
as a star-shine bridge
all rainbow
and ominously Norse.

Speaking with others
we cannot agree
upon her appearance
as different eyes

give her different attributes.
For me her hair never grows
long enough
for braids.

copyright © 2021 Kenneth P. Gurney