Open Door Policy

Stained glass brings to light
biblical stories from the Gnostic editions.

Lori’s catechism
did not recognize the imagery or parables.

The pews appear to be made of silver
but are shiny gray carbon fibers

spun out of the flowing hairs
God shed walking the earth.

There is no reliquary
with bits and pieces of saints and martyrs.

The rose window above the apse
was created with cut crystals

that spay the entire sanctuary
with daylight broken into rainbows.

Lori vacuums the carpets free
of holy body bread crumbs

and dabs the holy blood wine spills
out of the burgundy carpet

after some homeless folks save themselves
and exit a few minutes before she arrives.

copyright © 2022 Kenneth P. Gurney

Nuevo Mexico

We do not have much.
Dollars or bananas.

We have plenty of sunshine
but not enough water.

We do not have war
but we do not have peace either.

Scarcity makes things valuable
and sometimes sacred.

We have plenty of religion
with all of its trappings.

That brings up the paradox
of an overabundance of religion

in a free market
should have little to no value.

I will not point that out
to the Catholic priests

the Protestant ministers
or any other spiritual representatives.

When rain arrives
the sky offers us two rainbows

to make up for all the days
the sky is blue and dry.

copyright © 2021 Kenneth P. Gurney